Saturday, 20 September 2014

Uma and the children

It is the examination time of the year.The children are swotting hard . They are inspired to do better than their usual best. Since my arrival, I have had opportunities to talk to the children, particularly the 5 older ones about their aspirations in life. It is only natural that at their age- 14/15years of age that they do change their minds about what they hope to become.

Take Suzan who scores over 80s for his Maths and Science exams . He comes second in class, and wants to be a mechanical or aeronautical engineer. We talked about his school reports. I have a sense that he is quite contend with his marks.However, he is an extraordinarily  bright boy and I think he sits in his comfort zone.I tried to explain to him that he is capable of doing even better if he wants to. Aiming for over 90s should be his target if he wants to pursue his dream. Interesting enough, 2 days later, he came and showed me the algebra exercises he has been practicing. He said he will score over 90 marks for this coming exam. I was speechless!

Two of the older children are very interested in the BBC website. It was the day after Scotland voted no in the referendum. I tried to give them as balanced a view to the background as I possibly could..They really enjoyed reading the news articles on the website.I am encouraging them to surf the net, looking for information about the world, instead of playing computer games and watching tv in most of their leisure time.

It is amazing how receptive these younsters are.In my limited exposure with youngsters, they tend to poo poo any ideas an older person suggests.It is very refreshing to see how  these youngsters are so hungry for information, guidance and encouragement. I feel very privileged  to be looked on as someone who can provide that.

I watched with fascination as Uma prepared the children the night before their exam. Every one brought their pencil boxes to be inspected. She ensured that there are 2 pencils, a pen, an eraser, a ruler and a  pencil sharpener in  everyone's pencil box right up to Rajesh , the 15 year old.. Some had to be replaced because they were broken.Panjum still has one which I bought from UK almost 3 years ago, albeit  is looking rather tatty and scruffy through constant handling..It would appear that the locally made  ones do not last very well. I must remember to go to WHSmith's in January  for the post Xmas sales to buy the stationary.

As I watched the children filing out of the room to go to bed, I remember some one said to me when I was leaving my primary education,
" Good, Better , Best, never let it rest,
Let your good be better,
And let your better be best."
And thats what I said to Suzan.....

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