Friday, 12 September 2014

Our Children

I spent my second day here lazing around, talking with the children and catching up on their news. Uma and I spent sometime evaluating the various projects KIKN is involved in.We have started to map out the visits we are going to do, and anticipating a shopping list wherever we go. :) :) Afterall, Uma said I am now being regarded as the 'money  man ', or rather woman by all the schools and organisations we are involve in. Scary thought,  I wish it was true, especially  in real life. Sigh........

In preparation for our sponsored children entering higher education in the  future, Uma and I have started to work out the possible scenarios.. We have worked out the projected cost for x number of children etc, recognising the ones who are likely to fall by the wayside.It certainly was an interesting exercise to say the least.

Uma knows a couple of therapists who might be suitable for the disabled home. We also explored the musical angle as part of stimulation/education for the children. Uma's impression is that all the children are 'mentally challenged' to a larger or lesser
degree. I need to confirm this  for myself. If that is the case, they are in greater need than I originally thought.We discussed the possible combinations of different therapy input from our stand point. We need to talk to the therapists  who are the experts, bearing in mind the possible financial constraints.

Heres to another day, a satisfying one.

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