Thursday, 25 September 2014

Time With the Children

Today is the first day of the Festival. It is at this time of the year when the children have meat in their diet.It is always the first , 8th and 9th day of the festival. The children are all naturally excited.We had a tasty chicken dish with our lunch.. We also had sweet pastry which were freshly prepared as part of  breakfast. They were yummy.Roll on, the 8th and 9th day of festival!

I did ask Uma what shall I buy as treats for the children. We settled on 2 kilos of apples, 2 big hands of bananas and a kilo of oranges. Suzan came with me to help carrying them home. It is always a dilemna whether to buy or not to buy. With around 10 people around at  all times,  I do find it quite difficult not to share any food I buy with the children.Uma shares the same sentiment. Therefore she does not eat fruit because she cannot afford to buy the quantity she needs for every one. And she loves fruit. This is a real issue for growing families like Uma's.I have to say I missed my fruit desperately.With such a large amount needed every time, I could not mamage without the help from the children.

I am  treated as part of the family durjng my stay here every year. With each passing year,  the children have become more open and sociable. They ask me about their sponsors, what they look like, what they do, do they have pets etc etc They have endless questions each time they see me. Sometimes they pull faces when I gave a description of a sponsor.I guess they must have vivid imaginations of what their sponsors would look like. And they  obviously do not match their mental images in their heads.And they always giggle, as teenagers do at the slightest things.Its just funny watchimg them laugh and giggle, a happy bunch.

The only guilty secret I have is my personal supply of chocolate hidden in my suitcase.With so many of us, even a big bar will only give each one no more than 2/3 squares.So I usually decline  in order to give them more of a share. Then I will have a couple of squares when I am in my room. A bar usually lasts me  more than a week, not bad going...I have one more bar to go..

With  Janet arriving soon, I will have a fresh supply again. ;) ;)

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