Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hello Again

How time flies. I am looking at the third quarter of the year. I cannot believe that I will be travelling  once again to Kathmandu, for the fifth year running. So much has been achieved with so much more to do....And I am continually humbled by the overwhelming support and generosity of everyone I have met so far.

In operating as the chief officer of the registered charity, it has meant that  I am less lonely in making  decisions about the future direction of travel . I have the trustees who are behind me  supporting me in my endeavours. It has been a steep learning curve for me. In the initial stages, I did feel at times that I had exchanged my autonomy for alot of paperwork.However, a year down the road, I would not wish for anything less. The bottom line for me has always been that I will do anything (legally of course  ) if it means bringing in the much needed funding  for the children , This is what the charity is about .

With Janet (the Chair) travelling to Kathmandu as well, I have been able to pack 3 boxes of books, puzzles ,board games,pens,pencils, pencil cases,hair bands and a lot of chocolates and goodies.  In addition, John has bought Olympic t shirts and hats for Uma's children.  Of course, the Astral cream and Marks & Spencer talcum powder are included as per usual.

The difficulties I face on a day to day is finding more sponsors for the new children from Neel Barahi school.  It is true that I expressed my anxiety a while ago, that I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the admin work associated with the  then 18 sponsors and children.  I started to lose track of who is the sponsor for a particular child.  I did think that maybe 18 will be the maximum children I can safely manage for our sponsorship program.  However, faced with so much unmet need in Kathmandu, it is difficult to say no to the various requests for sponsorship.   Therefore the charity now has 23 sponsored children with 6 more on the waiting list .And I have promised myself that  the trustees  will  be  asked to  review the situation  when we have achieved the magic figure of 25.

I am now on the countdown.  Another week or so  I'll be on my way.  No doubt I'll be pleasantly surprised (again ) at how they have grown and the progress they all have made.  I am beginning to feel butterflies in my stomach......