Thursday, 6 October 2011

The VIPs

Thanks to Uma ,the British Ambassador, His Excellency, the Nepalese Ambassador to UK, the children and Nabina the helper ,without whom the trip would have fallen short of our objectives. They have helped me to achieve most of the tasks we set out to do, in the short and medium term, at the sametime, develop a clearer vision for the future.
A special thanks too , goes to the trustees in UK ,and all the sponsors, donors and Friends of Kids in Kathmandu Nepal (KIKN) around the world,thank you

Gifts to Shree Neel Barahi School

The Canon digital printer, the one Samsung computer and the First Aid kit, with appreciation from the Principal and the teaching staff.

Shree Neel Barahi School

The facilities in the school:-
Toilets, current science lab ,library ,computer science room. and the full view of the main building with unfinished construction .

The Karate Kids in Kathmandu

Warming and stretching before karate kicks !

Play Time

Sujan-How high will the plane fly? and how long would it take me to be a pilot ?
Henna tattoo, part of Teej festival highlights for girls
Competent riders a year on
Dancing to an appreciative audience

The Annual Lunch 2

A good feast by all . Receiving winter clothing from UK sponsors with some help from Uma's children

The Annual Lunch 1

Annual meeting / lunch for all the sponsored children , minus one and their parents (mums) , Uma's included

The Morning class

English Language class before school each morning. Learning together and helping one another.

Children from the Neel Barahi School

Uma's growing brood

How the children have grown in a year ! A few budding teenagers in the making.