Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Back to Basics

It never fails to surprise me, regardless of the number of times I have stayed here, that I have always found drawing water from the well  such hard  work. Everyone  without exception, the children included, do her own personal washing, Pramila who is the youngest, was taught 'the how' when she came here at the age of 4+ year.

The orphanage runs like clock work.The washer woman comes once a week
 to do the bed linen and towels. Now that the girls are growing up, they do their own ironing as well.The only problem is, the children goes through Irons like nobody's bussiness.Uma had to replace the  Iron twice in a year.I feel they are not using it properly, need to find out

Drawing water from the well is to do with techniques.Hand to hand coordination is key.I always have this fear when I am pulling up the bucket of water that I might topple into the well.Totally irrational I know.Sometimes the rope that is secured to the handle slid to one side, rather staying in the middle of the bucket, I would end up with the bucket on its side with hardly any water in it. Then I have to start again, flipping the bucket down hoping it will land squarely on the water surface, then slowly sinking  as the bucket starts filling up with water.Then yippee! success!

I have learnt to ask the experts- the children when they are around to draw the water out for me. It always looks  so easy when they've do it.Yet I struggle every time!

This morning  while I was struggling with the well, Kamala's ( the child who might have TB ) mum arrived. Though  we cannot communicate, she smiled and wanted to take over my washing for me. I shook my head, and she kept  on.I supposed she wanted to say thank you for our help.In the end, I let her draw the water for me. And she was contend to watch me while we waited for Uma to return.

An update
Kamala was taken to Teku Hospital ( where I did my volunteering in my first year  ) . The hospital is doing investigations  on the child.They need to go back again on Friday .I told the mother to keep the child home from class here and the school until the hospital finds out the reason for her high fever.More money was given to mum for Friday appointment. There is always the fear that the money will be spent on the next meal rather than what is intended.

A real dilemna..........

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