Saturday, 20 September 2014

Our Outing Today

Its been a few years since Uma agreed for me to take the children out for a meal . It has always been either KFC or  Pizza take away  most of the time. So it was a big occasion today to see the children all dressed up in their trendy gears to have lunch in a proper restaurant.. We had a photo shoot of all the children before we left for the restaurant.. Wonderful images!

 The heaven opened as we walked down the road to catch 2 taxis for 10 of us. Uma is excellent at bargaining. She always drills down to the last possible rupee. I would admit that she is far superior in her bartering  than I am. When she is in full flow, one must not get in her way by asking stupid and obvious questions. I did that a few times in the past, I soon regretted the move.The look she gave me was like ' what do you think I am doing , stupid? ' Being a big woman, which is rare in the Nepali race, I think she brow beats the taxi drivers into submission.  We often had a laugh about it afterwards.I have a mental picture of her  in a cartoon - A tall big woman with one hand on her hip, swinging her hand bag at any taxi driver who refuses to lower the fare. It is a hilarious sight   :)

For the past few days, the access road had somewhat recovered because the sun has been out. We were all relieved that the wet season is over.Apart from the craters in the road, we could start walking to the local shops again. Unfortunately, the heavy rain and thunderstorm returned with a vengeance! For 24 hours, the tropical down pour did not stop. We are now back to square one. It is really frustrating to say the least.

Uma did a quick bartering today because the children were getting wet. Adults have umbrellas, but children don't, and thats the way it is.In any case, Uma would not entertain the idea of having 10 umbrellas in the house. Theres' normally 2/3  and thats enough for her.We went through flooded roads because the drains could not cope with the volume in such a short space of time. It was quite an adventure.We were getting wet as well even though we were in the car!

It was all worth it when we enjoyed our lunch. It was the hottest meal I have for a long time. At one stage I had to give one of my chicken pieces to Rajesh because it was so hot, chilly hot. My mouth was on fire. And yet when I looked around, everyone was hell bent on enjoying the food. They admitted that  it was hot but carried on anyway. I blew my nose and wiped my brows-used to be a sign of a good curry to me, but not today! I  was sweating profusely from the unbearable heat. Uma thought it was funny, and laughed her head off.. To think , I was footing the bill as well.... Oh well......

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