Monday, 22 September 2014


It was such a relief when Kamala came with her mother to inform us that the results from all the tests that were done have come back negative, including the one for TB. Apart for one course of  antbiotics, the hospital prescribed a very strong dose of multi-vitamins for  Kamala. Mum was told that the child is very weak, constitutionally.She needs building up.

Mindful of the fact that this 11 year old has to take care of her brother amd father during the day, she is  probably working herself to the bone, doing washing and cleaning the house. Mother leaves the home @7.30 in the morning, and does not get home till 9pm. She cooks a pot of lentil curry and rice for the children and husband for their meals each day. Husband works erratically. He is often not in work than he is. Kamala may be 11 years old, she looks like a 7 year old. She is under nourished and hungry a lot of the time. She is very small for her age. It is  upsetting to just look at her. At least she gave us a smile today.

Mum said she is eating better. She has stopped being sick.Through Uma, I stressed to mum that Kamala is still very weak. It is very important that she finishes all the medication the doctor gave her. I pressed some rupees into her hand for her to buy a further supply of multivits for Kamala to ensure she gets stronger in herself. Mum was reluctant to begin with, then she accepted it after Uma said something to her in NepalI.

Life is so tough here for many of the children. It is this sense of helplessness that creeps in from time to time when I do question whether KIKN is doing any good? Whats the point of instilling in a child aspirations for a better life when they cannot even afford to eat a proper/balanced meal each day?  I wish I have the answers.....

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