Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Flying visit - April 2015

This is an unscheduled stop. While making my annual visit to Malaysia, I decided to pop across to Nepal to see Uma and the children. The journey is a mere three and a half hours ( rather than 13 hours from UK ) away.It would be a break from the heat, I thought

The flight took off on time. It reached Kathmandu airspace on schedule. Then everything went somewhat  haywire. We were hovering in mid air for quite sometime. And bearing in mind that this is Malaysian Airline, the twice ill fated air line which attracted a lot of bad luck . No announcement came for what seemed to be a long time. Then the captain informed the passengers that due to the heavy  rain in Kathmandu,  the visibility at the airport is down to almost zero, therefore unable to land.We were then diverted to Delhi airport for refuelling until the weather improved in Kathmandu. The original arrival time was put back from 11. 30 am to almost 5 pm. What  was intended as a short hop became a rather long flight. Uma has since told me that a Turkish airline plane crash landed a week ago due to the rain as well

Surprisingly, the immigration procedure was very prompt for a change. I was cleared in less than 10 minutes, a first for me! Before I left UK, I tried to establish what the weather is like  in Kathmandu. Uma assured me that  it will be hot. And so I have packed according. I have to say it was a real shock to the system when I realise  the day time temperature is hovering @16 celsius. Walking around in light summer clothing is not an option unfortunately. My grey woollen cardigan has  saved the day!

Without realising the significance, 13th April was Nepali new year's eve. That explained the unusually quiet roads.New Year's day is  also a public holiday. My timely arrival has meant that the children  will be able to have lunch  out the next day- a treat from my Malaysian friends. A glorious lunch we did have.... and we were  stuffed :)

It transpired that Uma has been receiving phone calls from the schools, asking me to visit. I was quite clear that this is a short social visit to see Uma and the children .No doubt there will be a long shopping list of  needs but regrettably that has to wait .

A relaxing day indeed.