Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Red Letter Day

Today was a red letter day

It started with a visit to the Neel Barahi School. I aimed to take photos of the all singing all dancing photocopier which was delivered to them yesterday. No, it was not gold plated but it certainly looks like a very useful and sturdy industrial model. I was told by the School Head that the teachers were overwhelmed by the gift. They were amazed at the functions it can perform at a touch of a button ! This means that the school will save money each year,but most importantly, the time and effort incurred by the staff when they outsourced all the printing jobs in the previous years.

Having written kikn on the copier, Uma ,Stephanie (volunteer) and I were asked to the staff common room cum Principal's office. A speech of thanks was given by the computer science teacher ,followed by the Principal who presented me with gifts.I understand from Uma later on that this was planned. She knew about it but forgot to mention it to me. It was a nice surprise,albeit totally unexpected. However , if I had known, I would probably dress a little more formally, possibly with my tiara on:=)

The other thing that took place early this morning was the delivery of the kitchen cabinet to Santimaya's home. Mum arrived @ 8 am to pick it up. She took one look at it and smiled. She realised that it is far too heavy to be lifted even by 2 people, let alone carry it back to her room/home which is mile and a half away. In the end , we found a porter to carry it back . For 200 rupees ( 1.75 pounds approx ), it was a tough way to earn a living. Mum went home very happy. Santimaya's newly made uniform was handed to her as well.

Uma and I then planned for our visit to the British Ambassador in the afternoon. Mr Tucknott , the Ambassador, was most welcoming.We had tea from the most exquisite china . The tea certainly tasted different in that cup.It's quality, something I can get used to quite easily I think

This is the second time in my life when I have met a VIP. The first was His Excellency, the Nepali Ambassador to UK . The meeting took place only a few weeks ago. The purpose of both my visits is to explore whether both the Ambassadors would consider to be the charity's patrons. Though my requests have not been turned down,they have not said yes either.I am afraid I have put them in a difficult position. Understandably they must have endless requests from charities like ours. Therefore they are in no position to say yes to everyone.I am still positive though , but would need to do more work on my return to UK. As the saying goes,
' Never say die '

Mr Tucknott talked about the social problems facing the country, making special reference to child and women trafficking. Interestingly enough, it is the same topic raised by the Nepali Ambassador when we met in London. He talked about the work of some of the charities in that arena. Again he would support the charity in that line of work should it chooses to go in that direction in the future.

We talked about the work that we have been doing in the orphanage and the school.He was most encouraging of our efforts.He is very much involved with the various Gurkha support groups/trusts in UK and Nepal.He gave us useful advice on various things which will help us in the future. To top the visit, he graciously agreed to be photographed with us. He laughingly said he is probably the most photographed Ambassador around. He even consented to the photo being put on the website! something I forgot to ask when I left the meeting with His Excellency, the Nepali Ambassador to UK

We left the British Embassy on a high. Though it was raining cats and dogs, it did nothing to dampen our spirits.We were both a little nervous before we left home. Having met Mr Tucknott MBE, we think he will support us in our future endeavours.

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