Thursday, 1 September 2011

My First Days

Well I am here.A little jet lagged but rearing to go

My untimely arrival in Kathmandu was met with a mass protest in town (tell me something new !).The 30 minutes ride to Uma's took over 2 hours. I was dog tired by the time we reached 'home'@ 4.30pm. I had to stay up because the children have been waiting patiently on the door steps in the rain :) for god knows how long, to wish me ' Namaste Lai See didi'

The children have all grown ,in fact shot up.The older ones in particular are like bean poles. They are narrow and skinny. Puberty has set in I think for some of them. They all look amazingly well, and very happy.The girls change their hairstyle each year. It was short back and sides last year .This year is pony tails with plaits at the front, all looking very trendy. All are uniform in their looks. I think the older girls will catch up on me height wise, next year . I might have to look up to them I think.

We have our usual sponsors' tea time. The cards/letters/notelets were given out to the children, accompanied by lots of goodies from UK.The moisturising cream and talcum powder were shared out.They always look forward to their books and puzzles, followed by the choccies and jelly beans etc .It was such a pleasure to see them enjoying themselves.I finally went to bed @10pm.

Over breakfast, Uma and I caught up on the affairs of the children. We started to make a list of the things we want to do while I am here
They are:-
Purchase winter clothes for all the children(20)plus 2 young adults
Invite all the parents and children for lunch (3/9 )
Meet with the school head and talk about Science lab and their plans for the future
Purchase 4 pcs for the school
Do home visits to meet up with the mothers of the children from Neel Barahi School
Meet up with the 2 young adults who are doing year 10 (5th form) and 11 (6th form)
Go to optician's to find out about new glasses for Laxmi- a specific but separate reguest from her sponsor
To meet with Santimaya and her mum with a view to buy some necessities again a specific but separate reguest from her sponsor

We charged around for the second day running. I am pleased to say that all the clothes have been bought for every child .We managed to buy alot of clothes for the 22 children we sponsor within the budget . That involved diving through the back streets where the wholesale merchants are. Uma did very well, and I merely hanged on to her and helped to carry the 5 big bags of jackets (20)/tracksuits(10)/t-shirts (10) /underclothes (20) etc.alongside Rajesh and Rasmila.Uma did it in double quick time because she knows I am uneasy walking through the back doubles.

So its on to another day

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