Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Computer and miscellaneous

The new computer was handed over to the school today.The photocopier which swallows up the cost of 3 computers will be delivered directly to the school next week. Along the way, we discovered that a decent first aid kit will be useful for a school of such huge school population. So we purchased that as well, seeing that we have managed some savings from the computer and the photocopier.

Mrs Nepal,the Principal wanted me to convey her appreciations and gratitude to everyone in the charity, for the much needed equipments the school is receiving .This is an example of her vision and aspiration in the face of poverty and financial constraints. In the past year, she has managed to secure a generous donation to build a filtering plant which provides clean drinking water to the children.

While we were there, some of the teachers were labelling paper bins for every class room. This is to start the process of educating the children to be civil minded, not to drop litter at will, but to keep the environment they are in clean and clutter free.The school had to take out a loan to build the toilets because of pressing public heath issues. As a result the other building programs , ie the science lab and the school hall on the second and third floor have come to a halt until the school finances improves.I was approached whether the charity could help with the loan payments. Regrettably I had to say no to that.

One of the projects Mrs Nepal would like to see happening is the provision of sanitary supplies to the girls in the school. I listened with interests but made no offer of help.It is an excellent project to fund, but would require trustees to agree to such commitment on my return.

I was shown the lower floors of the unfinished building. Since April, the nursery class has started on the ground floor. There are 57 children in the class with 2 teachers.Admittedly all the windows still require glass panes to be put in to be weather proof, what with the winter drawing near. Everyone seems happy enough though. The box of pencils(around 60-70 pencils) given to me by one of the Friends was very well received.The lower kindergarten class is placed on the first floor. Again the windows in the class room would need weather proofing soon.

The money for the construction work has run dry for the time being. Therefore the work on the science lab on the second floor and the school hall on the third will have to wait. Timescale is immaterial in this part of the world. Its as and when the finance starts to flow again.All things being equal, the School Principal has achieved much in the past 12 months. I am very impressed.

As requested prior to my departure, I have taken loads of photographs of everything and anything. Unfortunately I am unable to upload onto the blog until I return to my desk top. Still , all good things come to those who wait.......

P/S I did a fun thing the other day. I was a pillion passenger on a bike, only for half a mile though. It was fun. The occasion arose when I had purchased bags of pashmina and scarves,and the shopkeeper thought it will save my arm muscles (for carrying the bags) and legs(for the load).This is a first for me .I must admit I enjoyed the brief sensation of freedom and wind in my hair (no helmet). Uma saw me and she laughed her head off.

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