Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Final Farewells

I cannot believe that 3 weeks have gone by! Its just one more day before I leave for home.

Having been here for the last 4 years, it feels comfortable to be living amongst the children. In addition, the 5 children from Neel Barahi School have become more relaxed with me . Their daily attendance here for their English language class has meant that I see them most mornings. All the children get on well together, helping one another in his/her home work

Upon my arrival , I gave every child a notelet/letter/card from hie/her sponsor, accompanied by some goodies,( obviously). Uma's children were quick to write the thank you letters to their sponsors. The 5 children from the school are less able to do it. So Uma's children helped. It was lovely to see them working together each morning.Sometimes the English teacher is a little late in arriving, then one could almost witness the making of a third world war. However,they are children after all, Any excessive energy need to be released every now and again.

One of the main differences between the children here and those in the UK is spontaneity.With the pressure of surviving and existing in Kathmandu, the children here are very compliant and obedient. They seem to be so well behaved at all times.There are times when I think they are all little adults.They are so responsible, like keeping house and preparing meals at the age of 8/9 years. However, Uma's children are more care free and happy. A lovely thing to see.

We have had our KFC feast for the second time.It was truly finger licking good, especially for me.I do love it but would ration myself to have it twice a year for all the obvious reasons..My venture out on the bike (again)during the evening rush hour to buy the KFC was hairy to say the least.It was worth it just to see the smiles and appreciation on the children faces.

Saw the school children this morning for the final time. All letters have been given to me to pass on to the sponsors.This coincided with Uma's children sitting for their school exam today. Talked about last minute cramming. I remember doing that as a student, a life time ago.

Reflection ? Well I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again .I know I will miss the children . However, I will leave with the satisfaction that Uma's children are growing up well. They are grasping every opportunity that's given to them. Yes, it is less so with the other children who live at home with their families. But they are on the starting block. Their journey will be more torturous and convoluted. For now, we can only give them the best we have. The rest is up to them and their families.

Namaste, Kathmandu!

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