Friday, 3 September 2010

Its Now or Never

Well, the day has arrived!

In my usual efficient self, I have emptied and washed the waste bins; washed and hung up the towels etc; cleared and cleaned the fridge, sanitized the kitchen sink; bleached the toilet bowl; wiped over the bathroom tiles and floor, last but not least changed and washed the sheets. And this is only the inside of the house!

I must admit the house is always at its tidiest and probably cleanest just before I go away every time. Its a bad habit, which I am finding hard to maintain. I put myself under unnecessary pressure each time. Oh well, its a habit I need to unlearn I think

The luggage feels very weighty. Its probably over 24 Kilo. However, I have been told that Jet Air gives 28 Kilo for checked in luggage. Phew! And hopefully not too pedantic about the size of hand luggage, otherwise I will be in deep trouble! I regard myself as quite a seasoned traveller, and yet I have not learnt the art of travelling light. I think I must have the kitchen sink in my suitcase each time I travel . No matter how many times I tell myself that I can always purchase items at the resort, I tended to put things in for 'just in case'. Again, its a very bad habit

John keeps calling me mother Santa Claus around the house this morning.I think its only made possible by the generosity of everyone concerned. And the phrase sounds weird anyway. I am aware that I have a lot of work and goals to fulfill. It feels a bit scary . For the first time, I will not be working specifically in any set up, but with Uma's help and support, we hope to visit the homes of the new children we hope to sponsor. Then we have some tough decisions to make afterwards. I have secured 6, and not 7 as I originally thought.The 7th changed his mind , but never mind....

I feel somewhat nervous, excited, but also a little concerned that I have not managed to secure more sponsors before I set out. It has put a bit of pressure on the trip. However, I shall do my best while I am out there. Uma is sending a taxi to pick me up from the airport. I will be arriving @2pm Nepal time, but 8am uk time on saturday. Its 6 hours difference between UK and Nepal

Fingers crossed for a smooth flight to Delhi then onto Kathmandu.

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