Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The new children

Uma is recovering well now. For a few days after my arrival, I was quite concerned that she has lost all interests in what we want to do with the new children .Well, she has rallied round . We are now rearing to go

We went through the list Uma has and decided that we will take a risk to sponsor 7 children even though there are only 6 secured sponsors at my end.The general plan is to visit them in the school, followed by a home visit to meet the parent/s.We will want to talk to them about what they need to help the child's education.. And to share with them about the sponsors' aspiration. That it is to give them a good education, and learn good English. It is with the hope that will help to improve their life chances and secure a good future.We would like them to consider transferring their children to the private school where Uma's children attend That hopefully will take place at the beginning of the next academic year in April 2011.Uma will provide them with the help and support they need to get the children ready. It is planned that once we have visited and purchased all the things required, Uma will host a lunch for the children and parents. They can then collect the stuff at the same time. The need for delivery can then be avoided

We have decided to purchased Emergency lamps and tables for every child we sponsor.With Nepali festivals drawing near, Uma thought it will be a good idea to have a set of new clothes made for each of the children. We will also give them stationary sets, which I have bought in UK.
As for Uma, she does not want another computer. She will have a sewing machine to help with future expenses of clothings.We also hope to purchase a bicycle for the bigger kids and one for the younger ones.These are the things we plan to buy for now. I am hoping that I will be able to take some of the donations back to UK.It is useful to have some spare funding for a rainy day. With regular sponsorship, I can see that the needs of Uma's children are well taken care of. Such happy and contented children........

I went to see a Nepali young lady yesterday.She is wheel chair bound because of childhood polio .Her right leg is not affected. She is studying for her 10th grade, hoping to go to college in April 2011. Though she manages to manouvre ( I don't know how) on the uphill uneven roads /pavements on her way to school, she has a problem getting on a bus with her wheel chair. She will need to stay in the Hall of residence when she goes to college. Her mother sells fruit in the market place with her sister. Her father drinks and does not hold down a regular job. She needs financial help to enable her to continue her study. John and I have agreed to sponsor her when Uma asked a few months ago. So I took the opportunity to visit her in her home. It was a real eye opener. And they are certainly not at the bottom of the pile!

The family consists of both parents and 4 grown up children , living in 2 rented rooms.The 2 brothers aged 20 and 18, shares the bedroom with the 2 sisters age24 and 22 years. 2 small double beds fill the room measures no bigger than12x12. The parents room is also used as the kitchen and dinning area.They share the house with another family renting the 2 opposite bedrooms. The bathroom is an open courtyard with blue sky on top. There is a big well which provide all their water they need for washing and cooking purposes.The bathroom is not overlooked, but it is understandably cold when one tries to shower in the open in winter.There is obviously no heating or hot water there.With everything stack against them, they remain incredibly cheerful and upbeat. The most amazing thing for me is their ability to keep everything so neat and tidy in such confined spaces! Amazing !

It looks likely that I will have a few busy days coming up. In fact I forward to it . I am slso mindful there's only 2 weeks to go before I come back to UK. Lots to do.......

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