Monday, 20 September 2010

For The Final Time

Well, I am set and ready to go.

Jordan left early this morning. I shall miss him .What an exceptional young man. He took me to a Tibetan restaurant yesterday afternoon. I had the most delicious and spicy momos I have ever tasted. It was made from buff (buffalo meat I think ) with green chllies and lots of spices thrown in It was yum! Jordan and I shared 2 platefuls of different flavours. We did not quite lick the plates clean, but not far off though. Admittedly my mouth was on fire couple of times during the meal, but it was worth the suffering.

The last thing we need to do now is going back to the school tomorrow to see a child who has been away from the school last week. She comes from the region -Gorka, home to the Gurkhas. She is one of the new children we hope to sponsor.Hopefully I will meet her tomorrow.

The only thing left which is worth mentioning is the English teacher . I think she is responsible for the amazing progress the children have made in one year.. I sat in her class on saturday morning.She had every child to go to the front to talk about topics they chose. For example, every child has 5 minutes on ' my best friend; or my daily life; or my school' etc.Though none of them lasted the full 5 minutes, all of them had many sentences. I was so impressed by their effort that I was speechless. Even Nitisha, the youngest was speaking in fluent sentences in her cute Nepali accent.. I have hoped that they would improve, but I did not expect the great strides they have made in a year. Its really mind boggling how fast children can learn given the opportunity

So to you all sponsors and donors, thank you, and Uma, for providing the stability and support to enable them to flourish. I just think that between all of us, we have made a small difference to these kids at this moment in time.And we should be proud. What do you think ?

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