Monday, 21 September 2015

The wedding and miscellaneous

I have come to the conclusion that I must have a short memory. Regardless of how many trips I have made to Kathmandu, it never fails to surprise and frustrate me about the state of  the Internet access... Last night it kept crashing each time I tried to post it on Facebook. I told myself at the 6th attempt that its then or never ! And it worked.Frustrating to say the least.

It has been like a whirl wind since I touched down on Saturday.There was no time to regain my sea legs. I was introduced to Uma's extended families the minute I walked through the gate. The wedding party ( the 4th day) was in full swing with all the relatives from both sides of the families.  The contrasts couldn't be greater - everyone in their fineries , with me  the unwashed and weary traveller after 16 hours' journey. I did feel scruffy to say the least.However, the hospitality was second to none.

Having made this annual trip for the past 7 years, I do find the journey harder each year. The recovery  from jet lag seems to the longer....Fortunately Rina,  Om ' s Home therapist is on hand to massage my migraine and other ailments away. It is a private arrangement which I am very happy to pay myself. She has such lovely healing hands.

My  initial impression of Kathmandu post earthquake is  very positive For a change, the roads that I have travelled were all littered free - an unusual sight. Then it transpired that some VI P'S were arriving from somewhere and would be taking the same route to Crown Plaza hotel ( near Uma  )for some function.It is customary for the local council to make sure that they are tarmaked and clear of litter. It is logical I suppose.

Having attended the grand wedding reception, it  was an eye opener to see how the other half lives. I did not know that the young ladies who were  in their elegant sarees and koptas can dance just as energetically as the youngsters in the West. Their silhouettes in the disco lights  became images in a dream world. Rajesh, Uma's eldest ,can out dance anyone, and with such great style and grace. His long arms and legs were like free flowing tentacles, moving to the beats of the rap music. I was mesmerised.

What impressed me most about Rajesh is his maturity and consideration for others. He is quietly confident but will solve any problem you have without fuss. He would give me his hand when  I was coming down some uneven marbled( slippery)  steps and asked me to be careful on heels.No matter how many times I called him because of  the internet connection  he would come happily and patiently logging in for me for the umpteenth time.There was never any fuss with him.

Ahh. .. the enjoyable but tiring  few days.....

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