Friday, 18 September 2015

The 8th annual trip to Kathmandu

In April , I made an unscheduled trip to  Kathmandu from Malaysia. A short trip which lasted only 5 days. It was a very enjoyable  time out for both Uma and me with the children. A week later, Nepal was hit by the most devastating earthquake since the 1920s. The human suffering was and still is immense and unimaginable.5 months down the road, the news headlines have  disappeared from the  world press. However I have no  doubt that my forthcoming trip will flag up many tales / incidents of human  suffering and hardship. I am somewhat anxious for the first time in as many to what I am likely to encounter...

KIKN is very fortunate to be based in UK. We have received some amazing donations following our appeal. It ranged from £5 to £5,000, not only from UK supporters , but also Malaysia, Germany, South Korea and Australia. I hope to send  photographic feedback on the money we have raised and spent.

On the other hand, there is excitement in the air. Uma's son  Abhi  is getting married (15th-20th September). KIKN has been invited to the wedding . I hope to arrive in time for the all important finale- the grand wedding reception on 20th September.It is the wedding of the year  with guests coming from India, The States, UK (me) ,Europe and others .I am looking forward to  a multi-coloured fashion show, hopefully it will not  outshine Abhi's bride Mennie who is a most beautiful girl. Nepalese girls are well known not only for their looks but brain as well, given the opportunity! And Mennie is one of those!

Living in a society like Nepal, it is inevitable that the gulf between the haves and the have- nots is huge, unlike UK. The professional class live a different life style, but quietly. Everyone is mindful of what the coalition government should be doing- spending more resource (time and money) to improve the infrastructure for the populace rather than fighting each other in Parliament on reforming the constitution/ outvoting the current prime minister, thus creating more crisis and leaving the government in a state of paralysis. It is against this background that the lower socio-economic class always end up with the short straw. With the disaster of such magnitude like the earthquake in April, people in the rural community ( living up in the mountains) have come off worst. And I hope to make such a trip to the epic centre of the earthquake- Gorkha , to visit some sponsored children from another charity.

I have been informed that the journey to Gorkha is about 6-7 hours by taxi from Kathmandu. So that's how I will travel. I have been reading some  information on the earthquake in Nepal. It has been reported by 'experts' in our national press that the earth crusts are still moving. There is a risk of more earth quake to come. The question being whether it will be a small one or another biggie like the one in April and when. I have thought hard about the decision to travel to Gorkha..... I believe in fate and destiny. What will be, will be, provided I take some precautions. My  April trip to Kathmandu demonstrated just that. Had I travel a week later, I would have been caught in the devastation. Someone up there  obviously was looking after me.  :) :) Thank you, whoever you are, Buddha; Jesus; Allah; Virgin Mary , Hare Krishna or whoever, I thank you. It was a close shave.

So Kathmandu, here I come, again :) :):)


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