Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Day After

It is amazing how socialising can be so tiring. We spent the whole day just lounging around, sleeping off the excess.A smaller number of cousins came for lunch to help to finish off the mountain of food in the house. Everyone then promptly fell asleep in a post lunch stupor.A very similar scenarios to the Chinese household following a big celebration

It is back to normal this morning. Drawing the water from the well has just make me aware of the muscles I did not know I have.😕😕. Admittedly the children are around to help, that made the clothes washing less labour intensive.Conversely,the poor washer woman had a big job on her hands this morning.All the sheets and several days clothes were being washed this morning.I have done mine when the cloud started to gather in the horizon. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a dry day today, or at least long enough to dry all my washing.

Out of the blue while I was talking to Rasmila, she grapped my arm and said"it's earthquake!  Go go downstairs" panic set in. I just grapped my satchel and ran downstairs. I must admit I did not feel the earth tremour. It was there and gone. The neighbours told us that its only 4.5  on the richter scale, nothing to worry about. I must admit this is one scenario I keep playing in my head. How do I prepare for such an  occurrence? Travelling to Gorkha, the epic centre of the earthquake tomorrow has set me thinking.May be I should have a bag on standby at all times for just in case! One just never know.

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