Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Children of Neel Barahi School

It was a most unforgettable day yesterday. At our request, the school really pushed the boat out. With Janet's- (our chair) timely arrival, we were treated to an amazing dance performance, as well as a polished  demonstration of  the Karate class out in the sunshine.

During my trip last year , the Principal expressed her wish to see a dancing as well as Karate class introduced as and when the charity feels able to financially. Then 4 months ago, the trustees gave the go ahead for the dancing and Karate classes  to commence.

Since my arrival, I have been asking the school about the 2 classes. I was curious to see for myself how the pupils are using the opportunities, in addition to the computers the charity has provided for the school.It was then agreed that with the arrival of our Chair, the school will give us a flavour of how the pupils have achieved in the two classes.

The day started with some home visiting . It involved some of our newly sponsored children, meeting their parents in the homes. It helped to put the work we try to do in the local context.Most of the homes we visited were difficult for the parents, having to live in such substandard  conditions.However, they appreciate the support and help the charity is able to give to their children.Walking through the Kalimati neighbourhood, one can't help thinking that this must be one of the most deprived areas in Kathmandu. It is a sad fact that people just can't afford  to pay to have their rubbish collected.Therefore it is not surprising that the lanes we walked through were strewn ed with so much garbage that they formed part of the walking surfaces of the lanes, period

 After  lunch ,we  returned to the school to see the dance performance, followed by the Karate  demonstration. We were treated to some  beautifully costume on display, with many of our sponsored children taking part. A very considerate move on the school's part. Considering they have only been going for a few months, they were  accomplished dancers. They moved beautifully with such rhythm. Even the boys were amazing. Lots of photographic opportunities followed to mark this important occasion.

The Karate class was well underway when we joined the jostling children in the crowd. It must have been hard for the teachers to decide on who should join the class at the beginning. It was a joy to see that girls of various ages have been included. It is a real step forward to see that  there is equal opportunities here . This is  proof that the principal is forward thinking in her approach of managing school resources. The children did the teacher proud. They were focused, in tune with their movements as a group. And they displayed so much pride and confidence in their strikes and kicks that I was gob smacked. I was not expecting such level of synchronisation in such a large varied group of pupils. Janet and I were suitably impressed. However I did notice that there were a fair few of the pupils in the audience who were copying similar movements , trying to follow the class.It would appear that more classes are urgently needed if future funding is forth coming!

The day ended with a formal presentation to Janet-the chair  by the principal. It was fair to say the funding the charity has given is well utilised.The pupils have been given a broader education in the form of  exercise, developing self discipline,confidence, most of all,  fun, in a very restricted and somewhat deprived childhood . And I know everyone of us who are involved welcome this.

So, thank you all for your generosity and continued support. Everyone can be assured that the funding raised are benefiting the children here

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