Saturday, 15 September 2012

Our Future Goals

  It may only be 3 days since I arrived in Kathmandu, but it feels as though I have been here  for a long time. I wonder whether it is to do  with meeting the school Principal the day after my arrival? Jet lag aside, its been hectic  planning  and organising  various appointments for the different activities we hope to undertake while I am here

Uma and I shared a similar outlook in how we see and do things. We have the tendency to hit the ground running if there are things to be done. So far we have bought  under garments for the children. The tailor came this morning to take measurement of our 21 sponsored children  for track suites.We went to Thamel to buy some desk top calendars ,among other things for sale for the sponsors' tea on 17th Nov

The main areas of discussion with the Headmistress focused around the infrastructure and facilities of  Neel Barahi school in addition to the welfare and educational attainments of the sponsored children. We came to an agreement that we need to review the poor attendance of some of the children with a view to cease sponsorship. This will enable us to have new( younger children) children to benefit from the process. Uma and I will be meeting up with the parents (with the children themselves) to remind them again of our expectations and conditions for sponsorship. Fingers crossed for a smooth meeting!

The other main areas are around the purchase of 6 more computers  and desks; feasibility of setting up  a breakfast club;expanding the reference library for the Sixth formers; help with equipping a much smaller science lab; and feasibility of providing play areas for games like 5-a-side football/basketball.

Last but not least, the hobby horse of both the Nepali and the British Ambassador- a project whereby  young girls are coached and mentored through education and training to enable them to develop a strong sense of self  and confidence, to put it very simply. This is designed to start to combat child trafficking and prostitution which is a serious social problem here in Nepal.There is an organisation called ' Mighty Nepal' which is involved in rescuing and working with women who were kidnapped  and sold on often as child prostitutes
The Headmistress surprised us with  amazingly positive and open delight in all the areas we had raised.Obviously we are talking about short/medium/long term goals here . There are much work to be undertaken . The school will start to collect data on the different aspects  of the children's  profile. They will include numbers working before and after school, caring responsibilities; number living in rented accommodation ; number without breakfast before school etc. Uma and I will try and source more information from the local Municipal offices-local town hall to you and me

These areas were discussed among the trustees before I left UK. It was important to seek the views of the school before we do any further work . I am delighted and excited by the response of the Headmistress. Full steam ahead for what will be an exciting year ahead!

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