Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Nursing Skills Refreshed

It is such a relief to be shown how to take a pulse effectively when it's too feeble to be felt at the wrist.. phew !! I know its probably funny, but it was reassuring to know that I was not out of my head when I say I can't feel my pulse! ' Walking dead ' did flash through my mind though

I have been on the Terence Higgins website to try and glean the relevant bits of information to update my knowledge base etc. It is important, but was reminded appropriately by close friends that good nursing care is what its about, and less of the technical stuff. So Lai See, you have been told!

I have been given some rubber gloves for nursing the HIV&Aids patients . I have to work out the logistics of how to make them last till the end of my placement .It could be tricky, I may not be able to do a one to one. I may have to double up.Whatever happens, I suppose its better than nothing. I just need to be flexible, under the circumstances

There are questions , for example-do volunteers wear aprons, overalls or just in their muftis ? Do the volunteers have chaperones who are bilingual ? How do I do health promotion about spread of disease if I cannot communicate with the patients ? Ah,I just remember I'll be expected to do a crash course in basic Nepali language (in 3 days ) ! Ha, thats funny.

I am sure I will have all the answers soon, fingers crossed (again).

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