Sunday, 26 October 2008

Almost There

Well, its only 2 more days before I fly out.I am beginning to get slight butterflys- in - the - tummy feeling. John has commented that I have had a couple of nighttime wobbles in the last few nights.They are sounds I made in my sleep when I am anxious about things / events....just like my mother. And I blame her for the genes....

What with everyone wanting to meet up before I go, its like xmas has come early . I have been having meals out almost everyday for the past 3 weeks. On some days I have been to lunch and then dinner on the same day ! I am reaching saturation point for eating out I think

The journey is going to be long & drawn out .Its 7 hours to Abu Dhabi with 4 hours transit there, followed by a further 4 hours flight before arriving at Kathmandu in the evening on the following day. I need to find out the difference in time between UK and Nepal. Otherwise John won't be too happy if I were to text him @2 o'clock in the morning, full of excitement about my discoveries in Nepal.

Well, the packing is almost done. Arrangements made for the pickup, and accomodation organised. To date, £1260 has been collected from family, friends, neighbours and colleaques I used to work with.. Everybody has been most supportive and generous.Travellers' cheques are ready for collection, mainly in USD, so I was advised. It pains me to see the dramatic slide of sterling against the USD after I have placed the order last week !!

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