Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Rest Day

It has been a hectic week since my arrival in Kathmandu . For the first time , I have the luxury of lounging around doing not a lot today. It's amazing how easily one can start to enjoy lazing around.😊😊

Uma and I have done the bulk of home visiting, meeting up with most of our sponsored children. Admittedly we were having to travel to some far flung villages to see some of them.Most of the journey are not far by distance, but hard going because of the condition  of the rural roads. We were having to travel very slowly on uneven lumpy surface. It was quite an achievement  on Uma's part to schedule in the school visits because the schools were in the middle of the festive season.Many of the dates were not confirmed  literally till the day before.

Paying a visit to the Zinc family was quite an emotional  affair. Anita Rai, our 14 year-old sponsored child went out of her way to show her appreciation. The path leading to her zinc home  is made up of grassed over muddy  ground on a rise.With the constant  rain, it has reduced the upward path to a slippery mush. It was quite treacherous to walk up, let alone walking down on the way back. Some sturdy materials like bricks are needed to sink into the mud to make it more stable and safe.

Having met the family and exchanged pleasantries, we bade them goodbye.Without asking for help, Anita  offered to carry my things while I walked down..She looped her arm round mine to help me down. Meanwhile her aunt was walking behind me in case I slipped. They could obviously see that my shoes are not the most suitable for the muddy  surface. I was touched by such consideration and help.Once I negotiated my path down, Anita leaned across to me very quietly and said ' thank you for supporting me in my studies . Before I left UK, Anita's sponsor handed me an almost new lap top to give to Anita as well as additional sum of money to buy shoes and clothing for the whole family.Anita was overcome with emotion when the lap top was handed to her at the school. A very sensitive girl. And I do wish her every success.....

Anita comes from a family of 11.. The household includes the grandparents,the 3 mature aged sons, one of whom's wife is Anita's aunt and the other is her monther who has learning difficulties.  Both Anita's parents  are deaf and dumb. They are casual workers with erratic income. The only 2 regular  source of income are from the aunt and her husband. The other son does not work. He suffers from mental illness and does not receiving any help for it. All in all, this family of 11 are dependent on the income of the aunt  who works as a maid and her husband.

In addition,  there are 4 children in the family-Anita, her 2 siblings and  the aunt 's 8 year old son. Though KIKN has helped them to survive the first year post earthquake,  they are struggling to pay the rent. I was faced with a dilemma . A request from the aunt for help in rent,and /or sponsoring the 8 year old boy in education.

I am reminded of the decision made at the last meeting, that 40 is the maximum number of children KIKN can / should sponsor (realistically). I need to look at ways of helping the children in creative ways. I need to think..... This is part of the shopping list to the trustees on my return.

Ideas, anyone?

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