Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The children in the Toddlers Room, Balmandir

The new cushion covers and mattress covers sre shown against the old blue ones in the photos on the left hand side.
The toddlers room is a large room, with ample space for the children to run and cycle around. The room has wall murals with Disney World cartoon characters which were done by various volunteers in the past.
A couple of photo showed them sitting round the table for elevenses- milk and fruit. Lunch is served sitting on the floor for the younger ones
Mendira is pretty good with the play dough. The children were fascinated by the fruit she was able to make - bananas, chillies apples etc
Aren't they beautiful kids ? And they are the lucky ones to be able to come to this room. Many more got left outside........

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Henry Scobie said...

Nepal -- Paper Orphans documentary posted on the web:

Terrific documentary on the Bal Mandir kidnappings.

By the Swiss INGO -- Terre des Hommes.