Friday, 16 October 2009

The Big Spend at Balmandir, Kathmandu

We bought :
102 pairs of knickers and bras for older girls(large)
40 pairs of knickers for younger girls (medium)
50 pairs of boys pants and vests (medium)
10 pairs of boys pants and vests (large)
100 bed sheets (single )
1oo towels
In addition we gave US$ 200 to the orphanage towards their milk bill (receipted )
It also included the additional spent in the toddlers room: -
10 pillow cases, 3 mattress covers , 3 large winter blankets , 2 large towels and the toys etc
The total spent was US$ 900 which = £600 approx
I have receipts for most of them
The photos on the left showed my first meeting with the Chair and Uma to discuss their needs. The other is the handover of 10 bags of stuff to the Director, again in the presence of the Chair.

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