Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Shoppimg Spree

Uma and I have been doing a spot of bargain huntimg at the local night market last evening. We managed to purchase warm winter tracksuits x6; woollen tights/leggins to wear under troussers and skirts x6 ;light weight woollen trousers x6 ; thick woollen socks x6 ,6 vests and pencil boxes as a treat. The whole packet came to approximately 70 pounds, based on the fluctuating forex.

I took some photos of the children when they were given it. It was like xmas came early, even though they don't celebrate it.The interesting difference with them and us is they folded everything given to them, and put them all in the same bag very tidily . They did not tear into the wrappings like we do because of the excitement

The biggest expense is installing the small generator in the orphanage. With the rapid growth in Kathmandu, the demand for power outstrip the supply. There is no gas here, only electricity. In order to reduce the demand, every district is on rotation for a power cut each day.It usually lasts for 2.5 to 3 hours. So far, its been in the evenings. One evening I was caught in the middle of a shower. It was not funny to say the least.Poor Uma kept apologising.We had a discussion and decided that money will be well spent if we could get one installed. It cost 30,000 Nepali Rupees. It has been done today and paid for. We are all very happy here. Uma wants me to say thank you on her behalf to all you sponsors.

What it means for the children is that they will be able to do their homework in the evenings .At present, the power cut tends to be either from 6-8.30 or 9pm , or 7 -9 or 10pm. Uma is not happy to give the children candles to help them with their homework. And I agreed with her totally. The other factor is that the power cut will be increased to twice a day for 4 hours each time in the very near future.That means 8 hours a day without electricity. An orphanage will not be able to function when that happens

There are 2 more things we hope to purchase before we call it a day. One is a double bunk bed , and the other is a proper desk and chair for Uma to work well. At present, I am sitting on a cushion on the floor doing the blog. My back suffers and my eyes go funny. It is important that the orphanage has good basic equipment in order to function well. There is a website for the orphanage which I will pass on .Part of Uma 's plan is to receive 2 more children early next year. They are sisters of 2 children who are with her at present. Hence the bunk bed
By the time we purchase all these things, there won't be much of 650 pounds left, maybe a little more will be required.

I'll sign off now in case the power cut happens, then I'll start again on another one. The other night I lost the whole blog because of the cut. I had to redo the whole thing 2 hours later

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