Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Orphanage

On arrival, I was greeted with smiling and happy children. I have a large but Spartan room. Still trying to get used to the cold dark room at night. My comfort blanket is Reading the October edition of Woman and Home via torchlight.One night is about the recipes on coffee n walnut cake, another night is how to do a perfect roast duck.

I have had bouts of doubts of 'what am I doing here? who am I trying to kid ? ' I have had my cultural shocks, but I won't go into details here. Suffice to say, I am surviving, and each day I feel a little more optimistic that I am playing a minute part in making a little difference to the children here, thanks to the generosity of all the sponsors. and John's text certainly helps to keep me going

I have 3 vegetarian meals a day.I have been trying to convince Uma (my host) that I don't eat b/fast (a lie) and that I only need some light snack for lunch, just one meal a day will be enough.So far, I have managed to do without b/fast.I have a secret store of digestive biscuit and dark chocolate which I purchased at Abu Dhabi airport.They help to keep me from being homesick

I went out shopping for grocery with Uma today.We spent about 70 pounds on :amongst other things, 90 kilo of rice 11 litres of cooking oil, cooking gas, over 30 kilos of beans and lentils and the essentials like salt , sugar etc. There are no frills here

We plan to spend the money on other essential things like a small generator for the orphanage.The daily power cut each evening is being increased to 4 hours twice a day. the children needs light to study. It is unsafe to have candles where there are children.

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