Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Namaste Kathmandu!

Well, another year, another  journey. I must admit that this has been one of the more  challenging  trip, but also one of the most successful  one in terms of projects achieved. I am immensely  proud of what KIKN has helped to achieve in the 2 schools , the 2 orphanages and the 38 children we sponsor for education

KIKN has seen  it's third University  student embarking on her journey -to become a teacher  in 3 years' time. We are so excited  and proud of  Apsara's achievement  so far, fully aware of  the battles she has faced and the hardship  endured before today.

Many of our sponsored  children are  reaching the teen age. For many years, I have noticed no change in height/ size of  the children. I did wonder whether this generation will be small like their parents. However, this year has seen many of them growing much taller and rounded. A most welcoming sight. The growth spurt has obviously been happening in the last 12 months. They are becoming  good looking young men and young ladies! So lovely to see!

The Open Day gave me the opportunity  to renew  my acquaintances  with the mums.Hopefully  they will take on board what Uma said about  their role in their children's education.  It is not enough that KIKN works to give them a life line. The  parents must play their part as well

A lot of of hard work has gone into this month long  visit, further consolidating KIKN's projects and it's profile in Kathmandu.  What is left now is the various  reports/ updates I need to produce to better  inform the trustees back at base. I can see lots of paper work ahead  on my return.

So, Namaste Kathmandu , till I see you again😊😊😊😊

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