Monday, 6 October 2014


It is certainly a good idea to come here to recharge the batteries before the long flight back.The hotel is an oasis of calm. This is my second visit here. It looks as good as I recalled in 2009

The contrasts with Kathmandu could not be more stark. Traffic here is Spartan There is a rural feel to the place. It is situated beside a lake and closely surrounded by the different mountain ranges.Even the shops are more varied in the goods they sell.The belief and practice  that  first successful transaction of the day will influence  the bussiness day  is very much alive and kicking.Shops are being opened for bussiness from 7am onwards.Even taxi fares are relatively cheaper.There is more character to the place. It is not just a tourist haunt.Maybe its to do with an abundance of young people , backpackers from all over the world, milling around with the locals.

It is interesting to see the far reaches of the buoyant Chinese economy here too . In order to help the numerous Chinese tourists feel at home, many Nepali shop keepers, who are  at the high end of their bussiness, are speaking Mandarin. Majority of the shops, especially the restaurants, have mandarin written placards extolling their unique cuisines, inviting customers to call.Old habits die hard. The Chinese do drive a hard bargain, always looking for that added value in every transaction.   I suppose I have lost that edge, having lived in UK for so many years.It was said to me  a long time ago  that one must never forget to allow a little profit for the locals to make a living.That message has remained with me wherever I travelled. However I get carried away sometimes and the locals then loses out.

Two more days and I will be leaving the land of mountains. We have achieved much, but there are so much more that we can do, given the resources.For me it is harder each year because I have got to know the individuals better.Its easier to say no to someone who  I am less familiar with than some one I know well, fully appreciating the hardship and suffering they are going through....But what is  the answer ?  How can I be fair to everyone?  I agonised over this daily, still looking for an answer .......

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