Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Things We Bought

As you can see , we bought 1 computer table, had 7 tables( with folding legs) made; 9 Emergency lamps;2 bicycles; a sewing machine; new party frocks(x9) for the newly sponsored children;winter t-shirts ,underclothes and slippers (x8) for Uma's children.
Things that are missing include the computer which Uma will be getting, plus the pashminas I have bought for our sponsors' tea to fund raise further. Included in the overall expenditure is the various treats for the children like their first KFC meal (v expensive, more than I thought it would cost us -£70 ),the lunch for everyone and the Children Day treat
All in all, the expenditure came to just over £1100.We have a saving of approximately £400 plus. This will help us to pay out straight away (next week) to enable Uma to start kitting out the children in terms of shoes , school bags, tuition class after school in English and Maths for the 5 new children in the school.
I will set out in greater details on the expenditure at the sponsors' tea on 3oth

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