Thursday, 10 September 2009

Faith Healing Nepali style ?

I am currently suffering from a painful ? 'Frozen shoulder'. It is being treated by my GP with anti-inflammatory tablets.In the meantime, I have been going to an acupuncturist as well as having magnets put on my shoulder. It is improving, albeit very slowly. I am very impatient to wait for the total recovery. So I have asked Uma what alternative treatment can she suggest in terms of complimentary medicine here in Nepal. She suggested a faith healer whom she was told is very effective.

Here I am, having a Nepali Faith Healer to see if it works for me. I have been to her twice in 2 days. Before I went, I have this vision of some mystical human who will perform some unknown craft on me. Nothing is further from the truth . We arrived at a normal looking terrace house. A very kindly looking woman in saree greeted us at the door.It is to cost me 15 NR-about 10 pence for a 40 minute session . I paid the fee at the shrine of her worship- a little table with a picture of a Hindu god

She started by circling her hands round my head. She then pressed my forehead and crown with both her hands. She has very warm hands.I could feel the warmth radiating from her fingers even when she is not touching me physically. I noticed she has the most beautiful smooth hands with lovely pearlised manicures that I have ever seen. Interesting contrast ?

Her approach is holistic. I was asked to face the 4 directions-east ,west, north and south. Each time she would cast her hands over me like a scanner, going over my head then down each side of my body, finishing at my feet. She would concentrate and spend more time over the problem areas like my right shoulder and the upper arm. All the time I can feel the heat radiating from her hands. The only weird or rather interesting thing is that the whole of my right arm would start to tingle each time she passes her hands over it. It is as though the circulation has been rushed. At times it feels quite strong like pins and needles.

I had my first session yesterday morning I went for my second one this afternoon with no obvious side effects. I have decided that I will have about 5 sessions to see if it makes any difference . After all at 10 pence a go, I have nothing to lose really. The massage that accompanies her healing is also very soothing......

There is no issue like privacy during a session, just like in Malaysia,. There were 3 other women sitting in the open room while she is administering the healing. They were carrying on a long and involved conversation as one would. She answers her mobile phone when it rings. She also involves herself with the conversation around her. She obviously told Uma what she found out about my health. I didn't mind because it is done in the local context. Its how things are done here obviously. So fingers crossed........A new me may emerge from all this.

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Tee said...

Is faith healing working? Sounds like Reiki ... it was quite popular in this part of the world a while back. Seems to have died out now ...