Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The kindness of folks

I was up in Kings Lyn for John's family get-together the other weekend. The Crowe family is well spread out in Norfolk. We have first cousines and once removed, uncles and aunties(now in diminishing numbers), adopted uncles and cousines and so it goes on .The whole thing started with cousines and uncle and auntie from the immediate family numbering a dozen or so . A few years down the road, the twice yearly get-together has now swelled to 22-24 each time with some travelling as far afield as Norhamptonshire and Warickshire and of course London. They were the first lot of sponsors I approached for the Nepal trip last year.

On saturday while we were all busy air kissing one another, one of the aunties came up to me and put an envelop in my hand.She told me that she has been emptying her purse of loose change , pennies and all , regularly into a tea caddy since before xmas. She has now collected £60. She wanted me to have it to put towards the fund for the Nepalee children.She is a pensioner with no other means of income. I was gobsmacked!I have been conscious not to mention the forth coming trip unless someone asks. Its the fact that the wages earned in this part of the world are a lot less than in London. My NHS pension is probably more than some one working fulltime there. Money needs to go much further here in order to make ends meet. So imagine my reaction 'my god, are you sure? are you sure? This is a lot of money. I can't possibly take it .' 'Yes yes yes' she replied 'and I don't even miss it. So you take it and do some good, and buy something for the children when you get there.' It is a rare phenomenon for me to be speechless , and I was....

I just had an email from a Malaysian friend. She supported my effort at the 'Open House'. Her husband and herself have decided to send me another cheque for the children in Nepal because they feel strongly that they want to help a very good cause. I was touched.

I have a dinner date with one of my ex-colleaques tomorrow evening. She said she would like to give me a cheque when she sees me tomorrow.Furthermore, John has promised me a big cheque before I go, just to make the number up you understand

The fund stands at £1138 at present. I have no doubt that the tentative target (£1300 )I have set will be met and possibly more- ever an optimist thats me

So thank you ,one and all for all your generosity and continued support

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